Star Badminton Academy, 69, DN Street, Harinavi, Kolkata- 700148
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Beginner 1 Track


Children of 4-5 years can take admission in Beginners’ Batch where kids play for about an hour and a half. Here Beginners are taught basic strokes like ‘toss’, ‘lifting’ and ‘service’ along with basic footwork for court movements. Once a beginner becomes adept in all of the basic strokes and footwork they are promoted to Intermediate batch.

Monday to Friday

  • Morning - 7am

Saturday -Sunday

  • Morning - 7am, 8am.

Monday, Friday, Sunday

  • Evening - 5 pm

Tuesday – Thursday and Saturday

  • Evening - 5pm & 6pm

Beginner 2 Track


In this batch, Beginners are promoted and here they learn strokes like ‘drop’, ‘smash’ and ‘net dribble’. Players are groomed in this batch in a manner so that they can participate in Tournaments. Two to two and a half hours of classes that include on court training.


  • Monday to Friday - 7am
  • Saturday & Sunday - 8am


  • Monday & Friday - 4:30pm
  • Tuesday,Wednesday & Saturday - 5pm
  • Thrusday - 5:30pm
  • Sunday - 5pm

Beginner 2 Track


Players who are participating in Tournaments are put into a more regular schedule where their strength, endurance and stamina are improved for enhancement in their performance. A minimum of four hours of daily program including on court training.

Monday to sunday

  • Morning - 6 am to 8 am
  • Evening - 6 pm to 8 pm

Intermediate Track


A minimum of six hours of daily program for players including on court sessions, training, gym and yoga sessions for better performances during high intensity matches at professional level.

Monday to sunday

  • Morning - 6am to 8am
  • Afternoon - 11:30am to 1 pm
  • Evening - 6pm to 8pm

Advanced Track


This batch is solely for the badminton lovers- for those who want to play badminton out of passion and love the game out of their way. Anyone can play in this batch.

Monday to Sunday

  • Evening - 8:30pm to 10:30pm

Saturday & Sunday

  • Morning - 10:30am to 12:30pm

  • * Fees shown is per month
  • * 5% discount when paid quarterly
  • * 10% discount when paid semi-annually
  • * Taxes extra


A worldclass and one and only academy of this stature, in the entire state of West Bengal. A big salute and thanks for creating this infrastructure for the existing and aspiring badminton players. Kudos to Star Badminton Academy. Hope to see loads of success stories in the upcoming years.

Sharanga Mukherjee

One of the best badminton academy with excellent amenities and training equipments. Surely this academy will provide world class players in the coming years for our country.

Aeeb Hyder Siddique

One of the finest Badminton Academy and first of its kind in West Bengal. Well equipped with all necessary amenities and experienced coaches, it's a boon for the future Badminton Stars.

Swagata Majumder

Well trained coach(es) and an infrastructure of meeting international standards. Necessary skills development are imparted to all trainees in this academy. One of the finest gem for holistic development of badminton sport in the State of West Bengal & in Eastern part of the nation. Godspeed

Sourav Kundagrami

Equipment Partner

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